Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Itunes has annouced the top selling items in itunes of 2009 and some are; top selling APPS:Sims 3, Flgith contorl, 20 minute meals. Top selling Song: bom bom pow. Top sending Movies: twilight, star treck, quatem of soulice.


Top gadget of their year:
drum rollllll pleasee
The Droid! Motorola has not had a reportable phone since 2005, the razor.


Amazon is boosting the dvds with DiscPlus On demand. When you purchase the movie, you will now have the option to automatically watch the movie. On either their PC or DVIO. This only applys to 300 dvds.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

COD:Modern Warfare 2 broke the record and sold more than 4.7 million copies in 1 day. It is now officially ahead (sale wise) of Grand Theft auto(which i thought to be impossible) who, on there first day, sold 3.7 copies.
Congrats COD 2.

Surprise Surprise. Obama isn't really at the end of his twitter tweets. He admitted last night in Shanghai while at a Q and A session that he has never actually used twitter.
I wonder whos' behind it...?


Starting last week, Youtube is now allowing the option to watch their videos in 1080 full HD mode. yay!


BANNING CALL OF DUTY? what has the world come to? Russia banned and pulled all COD: Modern Warfare 2 games from there stores because of a situation were in the game you and U.S troops are shooting civilians at an airport. The makers are trying to get it back up and selling.. Goodluck.